Meet our new Co-Producer and Community Champion

Hi there!

I’m Suman and I started work at the museum in February as Co-Producer and Community Champion. My role involves facilitating the public in voicing ideas, experiences and stories in partnership with the museum team.

I have worked as a healthcare practitioner as a Prosthetist Orthotist (working with artificial limbs and people with conditions impacting mobility). I also have an artistic background and love to create and explore my practice!

Being part of the museum team is very new and exciting. I am passionate about diversity and how different voices are represented. We are all part of one community and this museum is the perfect place to show the link of humanity between us all. Inspiring generations to become excited and interested in health and wellbeing is something fantastic that we can do together.

I hope the new role will allow me to bring the best of my professional experiences and work closely with the public to create new conversations, ideas and inspiration.