Workshops and talks

Choose from a range of workshops, talks and tours to complement your visit.


2 hour workshops

Florence Nightingale - Key Stage 1

Join Miss Nightingale on an exciting journey to the Crimea!

Using our sensory time packages children will explore the horrors of wartime hospitals before Florence Nightingale. They will then embark on a thrilling journey to a Scutari hospital ward where they will get to see how conditions improved and try to help a poor wounded soldier.

This interactive session includes object handling, role- play and timelines.

Developed in collaboration with Key Stage 1 teachers, this popular workshop will provide a perfect route into history.

Curing the King - Key Stage 2

An investigation into the Tudor Apothecary

Henry VIII is very sick and he needs your help. Join the Tudor Wise Woman and learn all about Tudor Medicine.

This two hour session uses both classroom and gallery-based activities to bring the Tudors to life for your group. Students will be taken on the adventure of a lifetime as they use historical enquiry and team work to learn about medical astrology, the four humours and much more in an attempt to cure one of history’s most notorious kings.


Life at the Workhouse! - Key Stage 2

Join the Workhouse Matron to discover how the poorest Victorians lived!

Students will use time packages of objects, role-play and problem solving to explore life in the Victorian Workhouse. Using a timeline they will put the workhouse into context before investigating how inmates, worked, ate, played and learnt before trying out each activity for themselves.

This fascinating workshop helps to bring to life how poor Victorians survived in even the harshest conditions

Make Your Own Museum - Key Stage 2 upwards

This exciting session looks at how museums both investigate the past, and make objects and artefacts come to life. Students will tour the museum, focussing on interpretation styles, text writing and interactive exhibits. They will then have the opportunity to work like real museum curators by handling and investigating mystery objects from the museum’s collection and creating their own mini museum.

Victorians Alive! - Key Stage 2

Spend your day as a Victorian.

Students will explore time packages of objects relating to six of the characters from the streets of our Leeds 1842 gallery and build up a picture of their lives from objects and documents. They will then discover where their characters live and work, experiencing first-hand the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian Leeds. After witnessing the conditions people lived in, the students will then get the chance to discover how Victorians would have treated their illnesses, using maths skills to decide what their character would have done.

This brilliant workshop gets your students using lots of historical evidence to piece together the lives of real Victorians, while the role-play really gets them to empathise with the people from the past.

Hands on History: WW1: Unknown Heroes - Key Stage 3 -4

Who were the unknown heroes of WWI and how did they change the world of medicine for all of us?

Your students will become historians, using a wide range of sources and objects to find out how and why WWI changed the world of medicine. They will put their techniques to the test, practicing the skills of forming enquiry questions and interrogating sources.

By investigating the lives of individuals involved in the war, they will learn about how the wounded and the sick were evacuated and treated, including the work of the F.A.N.Y.

Immerse your group in the stories of nurses, soldiers and surgeons and bring to life the ground-breaking technology that is still saving lives today.

1 hour talks and tours

Teeth and Healthy Eating - Key Stage 1 & 2

This fun, interactive and sometimes messy talk is perfect for pupils studying the systems of the human body, the functions of teeth and the importance of nutrition. Students will join in with an interactive experiment, discover historical objects and work in teams to further their scientific understanding.

Pain Pus and Blood - Key Stage 3 & 4

A comprehensive talk exploring the developments of Surgery from 1845-1918

Public Health Reforms - Key Stage 3 & 4

An investigation into 19th Century Leeds and the Public Health reforms that changed the face of the city.

Tour of the 1842 street with a focus on germs and disease - All Ages

This fascinating tour transports your students back in time to an era of dirt, diseases and death. Caution: the 1842 street contains some lifelike displays that may upset some children.

Legacies of our Medical Past - Further Education

This in-depth talk is aimed at medical or primary care students studying at degree level, but can be adapted for A level or vocational students.

How does our medical past influence and inform the choices we make today? This session looks at changing theories about health, the range of diagnostics and treatments offered and how this has a direct impact on health choices and beliefs today.


Florence Nightingale Outreach Session - Key Stage 1

Bringing Florence Nightingale to YOUR SCHOOL.

The children will meet our costumed actress in role as Florence Nightingale and using a selection of gruesome and fascinating artefacts, Miss Nightingale will tell the children about her life and her work as a Nurse during the Crimean War. The children will focus on the changes she made in Barrack Hospitals and the improvements in hygiene that resulted from her pioneering work. Using a fun timeline exercise the children will learn to put Miss Nightingale’s life in context.

The group will then travel back in time to experience life as it was in Scutari Hospital whilst dressed as Nurses and Porters. Once they arrive at the hospital they will work together to clean the wards, make the beds, remove the rats and help treat a wounded soldier.

Perfect for Key Stage 1 students studying History, Science or just wanting a fun day of learning.

Victorians Alive! - Key Stage 2

We will bring the grim realities of Victorian life to your school, highlighting the state of 19th Century Public Health and hygiene conditions. Students will meet our Victorian Ma’am, to experience some of the harsh realities of Victorian education.

Using our stimulating time packages of artefacts, photographs and letters, your students will build up a chronological picture of of the lives of some of the characters who lived in Victorian Leeds. They will then investigate some of the factors that affected the health and hygiene of these Victorian characters, such as unusual home remedies, the dangers of Quack doctors and the realities of surviving on a Workhouse diet. Finally the group will look in closer detail at some of the Victorian illnesses that affected their characters, how they would have sought treatment and the developments in medicine that gradually improved the life of the everday Victorian.

This fun and interactive session is the perfect way to get your group thinking about the history of their local surroundings without the added cost of taking your group out of school.