To help you plan your trip and ensure your students gain maximum benefit and enjoyment during their time at the museum, teaching and resource packs are available to buy ahead of your visit.

To order, please call the museum shop on 0113 244 4343 and have your credit card ready.

In addition to the teaching packs listed below, we have two FREE GCSE level museum trails available to download. Museum Trail: Public Health (pdf 969kb)  Museum Trail: Pain, Pus and Blood (pdf 931kb)

Teaching packs

Rat Eaters, Pig Poles and Seaside Frolics: Victorians at Leisure

Price: £9.95

Perhaps the most unusual collection of primary source material in the series. The children can examine Victorian posters advertising everything from the Chinese jugglers through to the appearance of Henry Brown in his “bloomer costume”. The pack also contains Mr. Spark’s description of the Leeds Fair 1865. Finally the children are introduced to Dr. Heaton who kept a diary of his holiday to Bridlington: guidebooks, newspaper adverts and trade directories can be used to plan an exciting day out for Mrs. Heaton and the family. NC Study unit 3A: Victorian Britain E.

Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and the Crimean War

Price: £9.95

Contains copies of superb contemporary engravings. By looking carefully at the pictures children can rapidly build up an idea of what it was like to be a soldier in the Crimean War. This pack deals with everything from the life in the camps to the troops in action and is supplemented with source material on Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. NC Study unit 3a: Victorian Britain C.

Privies, Pests and Pollution: Public health in Victorian towns

Price: £9.95

Photographs, engravings and lurid descriptions of horrific living conditions are included in this pack. The materials are structured so that each unit deals with a specific aspect of public health, ranging from polluted water and filthy privies through to food adulteration and overcrowding. Children are given enough information to form a clear impression of why it was dangerous to live in Victorian times. NC Study unit 3a: Victorian Britain D.

Primary History Resource Pack

Price: £8.95

Essential for planning your visit to the museum. Includes a range of investigations and activities for children before, during and after their visit. Topics include: public health, medicine in Victorian Britain and activities based on the Leeds Union Workhouse, the building in which the museum is housed.

Life Zone! Activity Pack

Price: £8.95

Designed for use in conjunction with a visit to Life Zone! This pack contains activity sheets, fact sheets and notes for teachers about everything from “How do I smell?” to explaining how your body works to aliens.

Life as a Victorian Child

Price: £7.95

This pack examines the question “what was life like for children living in Victorian Britain?” It includes lesson plans, primary source materials and writing frames. The latest teaching strategies are used to encourage children to participate in exiting learning activities. This pack links directly to unit 11 in the QCA Scheme of work.

Key stage 4: Health and Social Care

Price: £9.95

This Key Stage 4 pack contains a generic induction activity designed to introduce students to the Thackray Museum, by involving them in a series of challenges and quizzes covering every gallery throughout the Museum. The pack then extends to further activities related to specific units within the courses. The pack is designed to cover some aspects of AQA, Edexcel and OCR GCSE Applied Health and Social Care and BTEC First Diploma in Health and Social Care.

Key Stage 3: Microbes and Disease

Price: £9.95

What causes disease, how do germs spread, and what can we do to prevent them? What were the threats in Victorian times and how were they overcome? Are things better in the modern world, and what are the dangers of resistant strains, bio terrorism and global travel? Ideal for use in conjunction with a visit to the museum, or as a stand alone investigative activity, this pack can be used to support teaching of science.

Key Stage 3: Bridging Units Maths Pack

Price: £3

Designed in line with the National Numeracy Strategy this pack provides worksheets and activities based around the museum’s galleries. It includes practical activities which involve gathering information by counting and measuring then presenting it in a variety of graphs and charts. Ideal for summer numeracy schools.

Key Stage 2 Maths

Price: £4.95

This illustrated pack includes worksheets, teachers’ notes and answers for Key Stage 2 maths. Designed for use in conjunction with a visit to the museum, it aims to develop maths skills in an interesting and relevant way.

Key Stage 2 Literacy Pack

Price: £4.95

A range of support materials with suggestions and examples for follow up work from a visit to the museum.

Key Stage 1 Florence Nightingale

Price: £9.95

Activities include packing Florence’s suitcase for the journey to the Crimea, writing a letter persuading your parents to let you go with her and devising a healthy diet for the patients at Scutari. Other activities cover learning strategies including sequencing, timelines and persuasive writing. The pack contains teachers’ notes, suggested activities and images. Links directly to Unit 4: Who was Florence Nightingale and why do we remember her?

Key Skills Level 2 Application of Numbers

Price: £4.95

Designed in line with Key Skills guidelines, this pack covers areas such as; obtaining relevant information, selecting appropriate methods to get results, calculating showing methods and presentation of findings.

GCSE History Resource Pack

Price: £9.95

Essential for planning your visit to the museum. Contains details on how to structure a visit, suggestions for activities and numerous worksheets, plus teacher’s answer sheets. A must for all secondary school teachers planning a visit. This resource was written by Ian Dawson and relates directly to Medicine Through Time.

Campaign! Make an Impact. Edwin Chadwick and Public Health

Price: £9.95

Take a tour through the squalid, teeming hovels of Leeds, 1842, guided by Edwin Chadwick, campaigner for improved public health. Includes a 20 minute DVD and ideas for use with a Key Stage 3 and 4 history class. Ideal for use in conjunction with a visit to the museum, or as a stand alone resource for teaching of the problems surrounding public health in nineteenth century Britain.

Britain since 1930: life and health before and after the introduction of the NHS

Price: £9.95

Provides a lively introduction to issues relating to medicine, public health and living conditions in the 1930’s and the tremendous impact of the NHS on daily life. Specifically designed for use by teachers with little knowledge of the issues surrounding the introduction of the NHS.

Accidents, beatings and full bladders: life in the mills and factories

Price: £9.95

Contains photographs and engravings of the inside and outside of mills and factories, as well as contemporary descriptions of life in such establishments. Mr Drinkwater’s report contains details of the beatings and accidents and makes compulsive reading. Extracts have been edited so that children of mixed ability can access the material. After class discussion based on these sources it is possible for children to accurately reconstruct a day in the life of a factory child. NC Study Unit 3a: Victorian Britain A/C.

GCSE Pain, Pus and Blood Surgery Pack

Price: £12.95

This pack provides an invaluable resource which teachers can use to reinforce issues raised in the GCSE syllabus. It contains a wide variety of original source material and notes from the museum’s galleries, covering the introduction of anaesthetics, antiseptics and blood transfusion. This pack includes a short DVD of Hannah Dyson’s Ordeal.

Loan boxes

Florence Nightingale

This popular loans box complements our Key Stage 1 Florence Nightingale workshop, encouraging students to explore and experience the life and times of this iconic figure in medical history.

Cost: £30 for two weeks. Please call 0113 244 4343 or for further information.