Our Junior Medics Workshops have landed!

Medical Mavericks will be joining us for a fun workshop this August

Our Junior Medics Workshops have arrived, just in time for the school holidays!

Are you wondering how to entertain the kids this summer?

From heart dissections through to first aid training, our workshops are all about sparking intrigue and igniting curious minds. They’ll get to step into the shoes of doctors, nurses, paramedics, surgeons and more. With the chance to use real medical equipment, they’ll learn about the technology of tomorrow and how they could be a part of that future.

They’ll have the opportunity to learn how to – safely – wield a scalpel, exploring the chambers of the heart and delving into the inside of an eye. Led by a medical expert from St James’ hospital, there’ll be the chance to ask all manner of questions about medicine, science and more!

We’ve also got our Junior First Aid Training workshop which is a must if you want to equip your child with the skills to be a hero in an emergency – everyone can learn CPR! This workshop is accessible to any child above the age of 7 and there are loads of hands-on activities to get involved with – they’ll even get to take home a certificate of completion at the end of the workshop!

Nurture their fascination this summer and open up a whole new world to them that they wouldn’t normally be able to engage with. Our workshop series is designed to showcase the opportunities in healthcare for every child, so whether you’re looking to challenge them, or just a bit of fun – Thackray Medical Museum is the place this August!

For specific information about each event, visit our What’s On page.