Insights: A Series of Lectures Spanning Historic and Contemporary Medicine

5 October 2019 until 7 March 2020

How do medical innovations change our lives? Explore fascinating themes with our expert speakers throughout October 2019, through to March 2020.

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Saturday 2nd November:

A Journey Through the Mysterious, Miraculous World of Blood, Rose George

Something in the Blood, David Tompkins

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Saturday 7th December:

Medecins Sans Frontieres Present Their Experiences of Delivering Emergency Aid Abroad 

The Nuclear Climate and its Impact on Health, Dr. Frank Boulton

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Saturday 4th January:

Living with Tuberculosis in the Past: The Bioarcheological and Historical Evidence, Prof. Charlotte Roberts

TB in England in the 21st Century: Going, But Not Gone, Dr. Eduardo Moya

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Saturday 1st February:

Health and Contraception, Dr. Manisha Singh

The History of the Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections Before the Antibiotic Era, Dr. Michael Waugh

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Saturday 7th March:

Malignant Disease in Antiquity, Prof. Tony Waldron

Cancer Medicine in the 21st Century – Promises and Pitfalls, Dr. Alan Anthony

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If you are a student and would like to claim your free place on one of our lectures, please contact Please be aware that these spaces are limited and reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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