Eye Dissections

29 August 2019

Price: £10

Age: Recommended 7+

Duration: 45 mins approx.

Ever had the chance to explore to go behind the retina of the eye?

Well, our eye dissection workshops are back, so now you can! But hurry, sessions fill up fast…

Lead by a medical professional from St James’ Hospital, our dissection workshops give you the chance to actually dissect an organ! Get to grips with using a scalpel as well as other surgical equipment and learn how the inner workings of these organs enable us to do all the stuff we often take for granted, like seeing, and breathing! There’ll also be a chance to chat with a medical professional – a perfect opportunity for the most curious of minds.

Each child attending will be given one eye each.

Please note: Children are to be supervised by their responsible adult, and as such, the museum can only supply one scalpel per supervising adult, regardless of the number of children that adult is responsible for.

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