‘A Career in Health’ Workshop with Medical Mavericks

15 August 2019

Price: £10 a ticket

Age: 9+

Duration: 50 mins approx.

Sometimes finding out what medicine is all about can be tricky. While everybody knows what a doctor or a nurse does, not everyone knows how they do it. But what if you did? Do you think you’d be any good at it? And wait, hang on, is a doctor or nurse the only job you can have in the medical profession?

‘A Career in Health’ workshop delivered by Medical Mavericks reveals the true scope of medicine, everything it encompasses and the inspirational range of medical careers out there. Children will learn how to use an ultrasound machine, seeing what goes on inside their own body. They’ll get to record and print an ECG of their heart and try keyhole surgery with training equipment used by real surgeons! It doesn’t stop there either, from fake blood to retina (eye) scans, your child will receive a workbook to record all their observations, a printout of their ECG, and a poster with information on 11 NHS career sectors.

The workshop is a great way of sparking ambition and intrigue into the wondrous world of medicine, inspiring everyone who attends to think about how they could play a crucial part in the future of healthcare.

Children do not need to be supervised during these sessions and refreshments will be available for parents, with colouring activities available for younger children.

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