Special Events

    • Adult Lates: Eye Dissection Workshop

    19th October
    6.15pm - 7pm or 7.15pm - 8pm

    Discover how the eye works in these fascinating hands-on dissection workshops. Price includes an annual pass to the museum offering unlimited return.

    With the help of an expert from Leeds Teaching Hospitals, you will be led through the dissection of an eye* to understand how the images we see are formed.   Find out about the structure of the eye - lens, cornea, iris, optic nerve and retina - and discover how they work together to create the images we see.  As part of the workshop you will also find out more about the transplant process and how eyes are collected from the donor ready for transplant.
    Please note that these workshops are suitable for over 18s only.

    *Animal eye
    Make an evening of it:
    The museum galleries, café and gift shop will be open until 8.30pm

    What will it cost?
    Tickets are £10 and include an annual pass to the museum which will allow you to return as many times as you wish. If you already have an annual pass or you work for Leeds Teaching Hospitals, then admission is £5 (Annual passes/ LTHT staff badge must be shown on arrival to qualify for this price)

    6.15pm – 7pm or 7.15pm – 8pm.

    How to book:
    Pre-book to avoid disappointment
    Book here for 6.15pm - 7pm
    Book here for 7.15pm - 8pm

    This is a fundraising event