Family Activities



    • Summer: Disease Detectives

    24th July - 1st September (Weekdays)
    11am - 3pm

    Have you got what it takes to be a Disease Detective?

    Join us this summer to investigate the great scientific pioneers of the past and to explore the modern day world of high tech medicine. Discover the cutting edge technology used to diagnose disease by today's physicians and find out if you too could become a disease detective

    Lots of have-a-go activities to take part in.

    *Explore the galleries to find out about Louis Pasteur, Alexander Fleming, Edward Jenner and Robert Koch

    *Put on a virtual reality headset and take a journey of discovery inside the human body

    *Use real medical instruments, including an Ultrasound and an Endoscope, to see inside the body

    *Play a game of giant Operation

    And lots more!

    No booking required, just drop-in.

    • Wound Makeup Workshops

    30th September
    10am - 3pm


    Use make-up techniques from stage and film to create scary scars, bubbling boils and pus filled pimples.

    Workshops take place every 30 minutes. Please sign up on arrival at the museum.

    Please note that there is a small charge of £2 per wound.


    • October Half Term: Eye Dissection Workshops

    23rd - 27th October
    11am - 3pm

    Discover the fascinating organ that is the eye in these hands-on workshops.

    Dissect an eye* to understand how the lens, cornea, iris, optic nerve and retina work together to create the  images we see. Learn about the blind spot, vitreous and aqueous humor, why we blink, the purpose of tears and how to look after your eyes.

    Normal museum admission charges apply, but don't forget that if you already have an annual ticket, then admission to the museum is free and you will only need to pay for the workshop!

    Workshops will take place at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

    Please note:
    There is a small charge of £3 per eye payable on the door.
    Children must be supervised and we will issue one eye and one scalpel per supervising adult. We ask that adults supervise no more than 3 children.

    *Non-human eye

    • Autism Friendly Quiet Mornings

    To offer a calmer environment, audio in the ground floor galleries is turned down between 9.30am - 11am on the first Sunday of every month.
    In addition to Quiet Mornings, ear defenders and a What to Expect gallery guide are available all year round from reception.
    Upcoming Quiet Mornings:

    7th May
    4th June
    2nd July
    6th August
    3rd September
    1st October
    5th November
    3rd December


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