We are delighted to be the winning tip from Guardian readers as one the best family friendly museums in the country

"The Thackray Medical Museum in Leeds does an incredible job of helping kids to understand how lucky they are to have vaccinations, antibiotics and even the basics, such as clean water. It’s a Victorian street complete with smells and printed cards (describing nasties like bed bugs), plus it highlights the horrors of cholera and there’s a chance to pick a character and see whether you survived or not. My 18-year-old daughter is adamant her love of science began there 10 years ago."

Family Activities



    • December Family Saturdays

    Babies and Pregnancy

    Drop-in 10am-3pm
    16 and 23 December

    Learn about the medical equipment used during pregnancy by having a go with an ultrasound to scan a model baby and tummy.

    • February Half Term

    Junior Surgeon
    12 – 23 February (Weekdays)

    Have you got the skills to be a surgeon? Find out by dissecting a Kidney and then using stitching techniques to put it back together again.


We are now affiliated with Leeds Children’s University