Leeds 1842


The sights, sounds and smells of a Victorian street in Leeds will transport you back in time to 1842 and we’ll introduce you to a range of characters who lived there at the time.
Queen Victoria had come to the throne in 1837 and with the industrial revolution in full swing thousands of people flocked to the cities to work in the new factories. Filthy and crowded living conditions led to poor sanitation and disease with infectious conditions like TB, cholera and measles spreading rapidly. One in five children died before they were five, and childbirth killed one in 30 women. A 21-year-old labourer could only expect to live to the age of 50.
Visitors can choose one of the characters living in our authentically recreated street to find out what their homes are like, what is causing their ailments, and what can be done to help cure them.
Please note:
Most children love this realistic gallery, but sometimes younger visitors can find parts of it upsetting. Please ask our staff for advice and information about alternative routes through the exhibitions. There’s a lot more to see!