Hannah Dyson’s Ordeal


Would you rather go into hospital in Victorian times or now?
This gallery will help make up your mind as you follow the true story of 11-year-old Hannah Dyson whose leg was crushed by machinery at the mill where she worked in 1823. The surgeons fought to save Hannah’s life and you can find out what happened to her. This realistic audio-visual display highlights the horror of surgery at that time, even though it was the best treatment available in the early nineteenth century.
Now, of course, children in the UK are no longer allowed to work in factories and our strict health and safety laws mean that accidents like Hannah’s are far rarer. Advances in medical science ensure that patients are far more likely to recover from similar accidents.
Please note:
Most children love this realistic exhibit, but sometimes younger visitors can find it upsetting. Please ask our staff for advice and information about alternative routes through the exhibitions. There’s a lot more to see!