Collaborative Research


The Thackray Medical Museum is committed to fostering and enabling collaborative research in partnership with individuals, scholars and academic communities.

We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and make our extensive collections of medical objects and literature available for the advancement of knowledge and understanding about the history of medicine.

This important area of our work actively supports our legal and charitable objective, part of which is to ‘advance the education of the public in matters relating to medical treatment and products’.

The wide-ranging studies carried out by the PhD students we work with (funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council) have often resulted in innovative temporary exhibitions at the Thackray Medical Museum, as well as enhancing  our permanent exhibitions and educational work with schools.

Our current research priorities are:

  • Innovation in medical devices

  • Hearing, deafness and audiology

  • Understanding the body and diagnostic devices

  • How museum collections can be used to support science teaching in schools

Recent Projects