Pare’s Works 1635


‘The Workes of that Famous Chirurgeon, Ambrose Parey’, 1635.


Adolf Hitler’s Blood transfusion set c.1938


The blood transfusion set from Adolf Hitler’s private yacht, Grille, captured in 1945.


Extensive Archives


Our archives are free to visit, book an appointment on enquiry page


Surgical Chain Saw


Prototype surgical chain saw by B. Heine, c.1840.


Surgical Literature


The Museum library includes a large collection of historical textbooks that illustrate equipment and techniques from the 1500s to the present day.

Library and Resource Centre


Welcome to the Thackray Medical Museum Library and Resource Centre.

We’re a busy and lively hub at the heart of the Museum’s diverse range of interests and activities. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge, expertise and resources with fellow professionals, academic institutions, scholars and members of the public.

Anyone can make an appointment to use our Library and Resource Centre free of charge. You’ll have access to over 47,000 fascinating medical objects and 23,000 books and catalogues relating to the history of medicine and healthcare, through our computerised catalogues and microfiche information on other library collections.

We’re happy to show you around our research facilities, offer help and advice and point you in the right direction. However, please note that if you would like us to carry out extended research on your behalf, this may incur a fee.

Photography and loans

Photography is allowed, but please check with us first as some items cannot be photographed. We cannot loan books or objects to the general public, but a low-cost photocopying service is available.

Mystery objects

One fascinating aspect of our work is identifying mystery medical objects, so if you have one, please make an appointment with us and bring it along! However, do note that we are not allowed to value items. We also have a strict donations policy.

We’re usually open Monday to Friday, from 10am to 4pm. Please call 0113 244 4343 or use the link below to make your appointment to visit. We look forward to seeing you here.

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