Hands on learning

Help students engage by bringing objects into the classroom

Loan Boxes


Our loans boxes use a combination of museum objects and hands-on activities to stimulate learning that appeals to a variety of learning styles and abilities.

They are a great way to work with your students, enhance their learning experience, and bring medical, social and scientific history to life. We can always advise on how to use our objects, or even run some training at your school.

We currently have two loans boxes for schools:

Florence Nightingale

This popular box complements our Key Stage 1 Florence Nightingale workshop, encouraging students to explore and experience the life and times of this iconic figure in medical history.

Medical plastics

The use of plastics transformed medical procedures, making treatments safer, cheaper and simpler to carry out. This fascinating box will encourage secondary school students to learn about the science and history of plastics in medicine through a variety of interactive activities.

Cost: £30 for two weeks. Please email for further information.